Love hunting Redfish or Ducks??

Tony Gaskin of Southern Georgia will be on hand to talk about his  two favorite things in life....

Pro redfish tour fishing across the Gulf and Atlantic ocean while fishing throughout multiple tours.

Duck hunting season sets in just in time for Tony to take advantage of his redfish tour off season. Tony is eager to spend time duck hunting in Georgia but what really gets him going  is the time he spends each year while hunting in Arkansas with the gang from Greeheads and Labs!



Capt Brandon Poole

Snap Hunter

Guide Service

Tony Gaskin

Pro Redfish Angler

Green Heads & Labs Pro

Kate Hough

Lady Angler

Jason Bennett

Stripers, Cathfish & Smallmouth

Capt. Brandon Poole has been addicted to crappie fishing for a long time! He recently turned his love for crappie fishing into a business and is now crappie guiding on SC lakes.

He will be on stage and hanging around for all of your crappie questions!


Tips and Techniques from a Crappie guy...

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Is It the Right Way?

Kate has recently stormed onto the fishing scene as a bold and dedicated lady angler. Kate may spend most of her time educating children in our school system but she has a lot she can teach anglers looking to make a leap into any level of tournament fishing.

In just several short months Kate has amassed a long and strong list of sponsors, has put on/directed multiple bass tournaments and shown the fishing world that you can build a foundation ahead of fishing and winning tournaments.


Jason Bennett has been fishing in South Carolina for a long time.....

Listen to Jason talk about his years guiding for small mouth in the Broad River, catching stripers year round on Lake Murray and finding all sizes of catfish in multiple midland area lakes.


Why be good at just 1 thing??

The Wealthy Mind

Throughout both days of the SSCM we will be joined by a list of great speakers and guests. Check out the entire list below to see who is coming and what topics you will be interested in. Make sure to check back each week as this list will continue to grow!

Guest Speakers